For most people the ratio of 40% Carbohydrate, 30% Protein and 30% fat is the ideal way of balancing their meals and staying healthy.  (There are some exceptions i.e. a bodybuilder would likely aim for more protein and less carbs.)

But what does 40/30/30 look like?  Roughly like this from Precision Nutrition:

So how do you go about creating the above on your plate?

Step 1 Choose what protein you are going to enjoy. How much do you need? What is your portion size?  Roughly about the size of your palm.

Step 2 Choose a variety of different coloured veggies or salad to go with the protein.  Don’t worry too much about portion control here as these are energy light.  Caution: Potatoes, breads, pasta, rice are energy dense and should be very well portion controlled.  It’s easy to overeat pasta, not so easy to overeat cabbage!

Step 3 Decide how you are going to cook it, choose a healthy fat to cook the protein in, ideally coconut oil, butter, avocado oil or almond oil that have a high smoke point and don’t oxidise at high heat. (More on that in later blogs)

Keep it simple and eat whole food