Comments from our bootcampers:


I couldn't recommend Karen's boot camp highly enough! I love it. I've been going for 3 years now and it really has made a difference, even after a month I noticed how much better it made me feel. Karen is fantastic and makes each session so much fun but a good challenge. All the ladies are great, we work hard but it's a giggle too! Once you've done the early morning a few times it doesn't actually feel that early and it's great to know you've done your exercise and don't need think about it for the rest of the day. Give it a go, you'll never look back!


I've been attending Karen's bootcamp for the last year & it is an excellent way to start the day. I am sure you are thinking 'uh, 6am, no way' but don't knock it until you try it. It really isn't as bad as you think. Mind over matter! Karen always makes it interesting, the ladies who go are lovely and the best thing is we always laugh & support each other. Exercise is supposed to be fun and that's exactly what it is.



Karen's bootcamp is fantastic. Each session is completely different and caters for all levels and abilities. I'm not a morning person but I get upset now if I can't go to a session. It is the best way to start the day.

Emma L

Karen's Bootcamp is great fun! It caters for all levels and abilities and the sessions are different every time. Through different types of exercises and games, Karen leads us through the 45 minute workout and it never feels like a slog. So much more enjoyable than going to the gym and the group is made up of really fun, diverse people.

Emma B


I have been going for over 3 years now. Despite early mornings it's great! With 4 options now even better! Karen makes hard exercise fun. Great group of ladies too!


I can't recommended this class highly enough. I started attending twice a week in March 2016, and within a month or so my fitness and strength levels had increased dramatically (despite already being a regular runner). The classes are fun and varied. I honestly have so little difficulty getting out of bed in the morning to attend these - I have only missed a class since joining when away.